Sweet Dialogue Ever

Today's the day my life begins.
All my life I've been just me.
Just a smart mouth kid.
Today, I become a man.
Today, I become a husband.
Today, I become accountable
to someone other than myself.
Today I become accountable to you.
To our future.
To all the possibilities
that our marriage has to offer.

Together, no matter what happens,
I'll be ready.
For anything. For everything.
To take on life. To take on love.
To take on possibility
and responsibility.
our life together begins.
And I, for one, can't wait.

I love you. *blushing sendiri* *entah kenapa -__-*

* Alex Karev to Izzie Stevens 

The dialogue just too sweet, and I'm smiling when I watched it.
 lalalala fufufufu~~ syadudududu~~ *become happy, w/o any reason -_-" *

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